Saturday, April 16, 2005

Reel Big Fish!!!

Number Two of the BIG 3!!!!

probably the most well known of the big 3. Reel Big Fish is probably one of the most popular and successful 3rd wave ska band. With their extremely high hyper energy on stage and in their songs, humorous songs, bitter songs, crisp horns, and shredding guitars they = amazing band.

Even with many line up changes over the years Reel Big fish remains great. The band has released six albums. Their most recent, We're not Happy Til' Your not Happy, is nothing short of great. It rocks. It returns to their original ska like TTRO and WDTRSR. The covers RBF dose are just genius they also have some great original songs. Happy happy fun, check em out.REEL BIG FISH

Friday, April 08, 2005

Catchin Up

So I didnt update later that night... Deal.

So yeah then we had one act competion and I felt our preformance of Degas Ces't Moi was brilliant. We took 2nd. But Hey! I got the best actor in the reigon award, so I am off to state with that too. FUN! FUN!

IMP-451 did thier first show with the manifesto and it went very well. But alas the up and comming demise of the team is apon us... For Comrad Tye, bless her heart, will be quitting in June. Tear. But my improv exploits shall continue...

To be continued...

(Reel Big Fish rant comming soon!)