Sunday, March 27, 2005

Now some stuff about me... So there!!!

So a little update on me:

Harvey was sweet! It was way alot of fun. I will never forget you Elwood P Dowd, or you Harvey. I was a little sad when it was all over. But I press forward.

I also had region competion or "festival" two weeks ago. I compeated in humerous monolouge. I dont really support actors compeating against each other... but man it rocked to take first and kick all the other peoples butts.

Gah! I have to go to a Easter Party. Pick this up later tonite.

Happy Easter!

Friday, March 25, 2005

Yep I suk... BUT THEY DON'T!!!

Yeah I know... I haven't updated in a month so here is a gift to make up for it:


that's right the Suburban Legends. They are in close contention for the Greatest Band Ever on the worlds most important rating list... Mine. I have mentioned them in a previous post but I didn't give 'em justice. So what's that list you ask? Well here is the contending list for Best Band in the World, in no particular order:


That them look for me telling you how great these bands are in upcoming posts.

The Suburban Legends are the most fun ska band ever. The music is so freakin light hearted, fun and catchy that you will sing and dance your guts out. They have an album, Rump Shaker, and an ep, self-titled, available. Both CD's are way awesome. This I can say for sure: If I could give everyone in the world one CD it would be Rump Shaker.

But the CD's are only the start. Get ready for the best live show you have ever seen:

that's right dancing, good music, HIGH ENERGY!!!

Now I would not go so far as to call them a boy band. They rock so hard. They get you into the show and don't let you go. They leave you screaming for more. To get a very small taste of what a show looks like check out the clip on iMusicast Also you can watch their vids here on YAHOO!

This band deserves more attention than it gets. Check 'em out