Tuesday, February 01, 2005

To hell and back we went...I bought t-shirts!

So, in my high school I am required to take certain classes to graduate. Some of these classes include Fitness for Life (The Fancy way of saying P.E.) and Health. But me, being a fool, neglected to take those classes as a sophomore. Health is bearable. I can just sit back and ignore everyone and answer the simple questions. These questions can usually be answered with the following responses: "Exercise," "Eat Healthy" "don't have sex... Without a condom."

But Fitness for Life... Is HELL. And don't you freakin dare say its just because I am a lazy actor. I have taken swimming as a class for three years. I heart water polo. That class is so the government can make fat kids not fat... and I am 6 feet tall and weigh 150 lbs. Don't give me da crap.

I hate having to put on the "feels like your wearing nothing at all," gym clothes and doing push-ups and running laps. All so some pervert know nothing, "I have to do this so I can coach the football team," coach can yell at you.

What I hate most of all is having to put up my shnazzy sneakers for some expensive cross trainer. die Die DIe DIE!!!! Not really I hate the other stuff more but the shoes really get me.

Improv was fun last week working with Joe. I am so freakin eager to perform. It will be wicked boss. Boss boss boss. That's right I said it and that's how I feel.



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