Thursday, February 24, 2005

I haven't updated this bloody thing in over 10 days... That's sad... But seeing as not a human being has seen this blog... I don't feel too bad. A lot has happened since last time. I shall list them to save time.

1. IMP-451's fist show. YAY!!
2. Finished rehearsing Harvey
3. More Improv practice
4. Some other stuff
5. Harvey Opens tonight
6. More other stuff

The IMP show was good. JoKyR and MoJo(Joe's Wife, Micki, Jesse wasn't available.) The were superb. One stand out scene was when Joe was on a date with Micki in his trailer park in Kearns. Joe was trying to impress Micki(Who was from Talylorsville) but all she wanted was Joe just the way he was. AWWWWW...

Then we went on and we did a good job. Matt was in 10 of the thirteen scenes without realizing it and was chastised. We had some very good scenes. One in which Matt was my coach. I was a professional chess player. The game plan was: Don't move your pawns until you have to. "DON"T BREAK DOWN YOUR WALL OF DEFENSE!!!" So naturally on our practice match the first thing I did was move my pawn. It played out very well.

Then there was the last combined scene... heh heh.

Harvey opens tonight I am way excited...More on this story as it progresses.

Break My Leg.



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