Thursday, February 03, 2005

Goof Freakin Troupe

Hee Hee Matt and I are slowly moving our focus from short form to the evil sinister ways of the long. Today all we worked on was long form... Hu-freaking-Za. To night we were stressing the fact that we need to keep emotional affectaion in our scenes even when Joe wasn't here. I think we may have gotten through.

Joe and Jesse are in Miami, at the Miami improv festival. I love you guys. Break Miami's leg... Or something along those lines.

Hey but Joe. When the freak are we gonna do a show? Eh? I wanna play. That's ok we still have a little work to do before we are ready. But I am so freakin eager.

No one knew their lines at Harvey. Mrs. Edwards yelled at us. Oh well.


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