Thursday, February 24, 2005

I haven't updated this bloody thing in over 10 days... That's sad... But seeing as not a human being has seen this blog... I don't feel too bad. A lot has happened since last time. I shall list them to save time.

1. IMP-451's fist show. YAY!!
2. Finished rehearsing Harvey
3. More Improv practice
4. Some other stuff
5. Harvey Opens tonight
6. More other stuff

The IMP show was good. JoKyR and MoJo(Joe's Wife, Micki, Jesse wasn't available.) The were superb. One stand out scene was when Joe was on a date with Micki in his trailer park in Kearns. Joe was trying to impress Micki(Who was from Talylorsville) but all she wanted was Joe just the way he was. AWWWWW...

Then we went on and we did a good job. Matt was in 10 of the thirteen scenes without realizing it and was chastised. We had some very good scenes. One in which Matt was my coach. I was a professional chess player. The game plan was: Don't move your pawns until you have to. "DON"T BREAK DOWN YOUR WALL OF DEFENSE!!!" So naturally on our practice match the first thing I did was move my pawn. It played out very well.

Then there was the last combined scene... heh heh.

Harvey opens tonight I am way excited...More on this story as it progresses.

Break My Leg.


Monday, February 14, 2005

Improv is life

And oh boy dose it ever seem to be. No sooner than I finish Truth in Comedy that Joe gives me Improvise by Mick Napier and it is very good. I also read Jill Bernard's Small Cute Book of Improv it tells of some great was of developing characters (If you improvise read this NOW! It will take you ten min. tops!)

Shows commin up. Two in march and one this week. YAY! IMP-451 is going to rock. Too bad we haven't perfected the Manifesto yet (or even fully developed it.) So were doing a pastige on Thursday.


enjoy life, life is good.

-Citizen Probst

Thursday, February 03, 2005

Goof Freakin Troupe

Hee Hee Matt and I are slowly moving our focus from short form to the evil sinister ways of the long. Today all we worked on was long form... Hu-freaking-Za. To night we were stressing the fact that we need to keep emotional affectaion in our scenes even when Joe wasn't here. I think we may have gotten through.

Joe and Jesse are in Miami, at the Miami improv festival. I love you guys. Break Miami's leg... Or something along those lines.

Hey but Joe. When the freak are we gonna do a show? Eh? I wanna play. That's ok we still have a little work to do before we are ready. But I am so freakin eager.

No one knew their lines at Harvey. Mrs. Edwards yelled at us. Oh well.

Wednesday, February 02, 2005

I see six foot animals

Ok so I have yet to mention this: I am our school play of Harvey! YAY! I have the lead role of none other than Ellwood P. Dowdy. All good and dandy, yes. NO! Ellwood's personality can be described in one word: pleasant. All the time. And if you haven't noticed already I am not ...uh... the most "pleasant" person, per say. I am more of a smart alec. So initially I was having issues being pleasant. But now I can get into this whole yoga live in the now thing its sweet. But as boring as that is... I like the not so pleasant me better. So... Screw you world.

I had fitness for life today... that was full of suck.

Tuesday, February 01, 2005

To hell and back we went...I bought t-shirts!

So, in my high school I am required to take certain classes to graduate. Some of these classes include Fitness for Life (The Fancy way of saying P.E.) and Health. But me, being a fool, neglected to take those classes as a sophomore. Health is bearable. I can just sit back and ignore everyone and answer the simple questions. These questions can usually be answered with the following responses: "Exercise," "Eat Healthy" "don't have sex... Without a condom."

But Fitness for Life... Is HELL. And don't you freakin dare say its just because I am a lazy actor. I have taken swimming as a class for three years. I heart water polo. That class is so the government can make fat kids not fat... and I am 6 feet tall and weigh 150 lbs. Don't give me da crap.

I hate having to put on the "feels like your wearing nothing at all," gym clothes and doing push-ups and running laps. All so some pervert know nothing, "I have to do this so I can coach the football team," coach can yell at you.

What I hate most of all is having to put up my shnazzy sneakers for some expensive cross trainer. die Die DIe DIE!!!! Not really I hate the other stuff more but the shoes really get me.

Improv was fun last week working with Joe. I am so freakin eager to perform. It will be wicked boss. Boss boss boss. That's right I said it and that's how I feel.