Friday, January 14, 2005

Evil Music

I have my Ipod on random streaming "evil music" to my ears. (Planet Smashers, Psycho neighbor is playing now) Today there is no school so I thought I would let my free time be the devils playground and spread evil HA HA HA.( The Used, Let it Bleed) I have been so freakin Busy. This week we had Harvey and Lion the Witch and the wardrobe rehearsals on the same night. That with finals is enough to kill a man but nooo... I have to be "diverse" and swim.(Streetlight Manifesto, A Moment Of Violence) That means waking up at 5:30 in the morning to jump into a freezing cold pool and work myself to the bone. (Suburban Legends, Blingity Bling)

To top it off improv. YAY! I had 6 hours of it yesterday. Lauren, Matt, my amigos, and I went out to Glendale jr. High to have IMP-451 Rehersal which is the 3 person long form team we are on. We went there to work with Mr. Rogan, our coach/director... Thing. Joe Rogan is one cool guy, he is in a hilarious duo called JoKyR & Jesster. (The Ataris, Summer '79) After a couple of hours of IMP, we worked with the cast of his school play(which is going to be improv, so cool) which is a lot of fun. Then we parted ways for a half of an whole hour and met up at my school, Olympus High, where he taught a work shop to our school troupe that Matt and I started, Goof Troupe. The whole thing went from 2:30-8:30. That's along time and it was sweet. (Catch 22, Motown Cinderella)

We did some really great scenes. Matt and I did one where he played my mother and father who was trying to get me to go away. But my love for mom and dad was to great and when they tried to ship me off to summer camp with the logic of, "The farther away you are from us, the closer you are to our hearts."(The Used, Taste Of Ink) In the end he ran me over with a tractor while me not being able to stand my parents hatred yell, "TAKE ME!"

Semesters over.... HU-freaking-ZA.( Smashing Pumpkins, 1979, wow 2 songs about 1979) I salvaged all of my grades last night and today, by waking up at 5 am. I went to swimming at 7:00 and then Harvey rehearsal at 9:00 - 12:00. So even though it was a day off... it wasn't.

On wendsday I auditioned to go audition at UTA, a high school theatre trip.(Weezer, Jamie) A guy from CEU was there who picked me to audition there, for scholarships. But he also said he could offer me one, a scholarship. CEU is not necessarily my first pick of where I want to go but its good to have that door open and know that I am good enough for collages to offer me scholarships in the first place. After High school scares me...(Brand New, Sudden Death in Carolina)... to sudden death.

"Lost and naked in the city again
Intoxicated by a quarter to ten
Lost and naked in the city again

Begging for a piece of their attention"
-Hot Hot Heat, Naked in the city again


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